Vino Vérité

Film. Wine. Truth. Vino Vérité presented by Bread Garden Market and Little Village is a series featuring talented new voices and established masters of vérité filmmaking in person to present their thought-provoking, chance-taking, and visually-arresting films.

Upcoming Screenings


2018 / USA / Bing Liu

Sun, May 67:00pm

The fourth selection of our third season has taken the film festival world by storm – over 25 selections – since a Jury Prize win at Sundance in January. First-time filmmaker Bing Liu delivers an achingly honest portrait of his skate crew, three young men. A powerful film that announces the arrival of a bright young storyteller.

Previous Screenings


2017 / USA / Elvira Lind

The fourth selection of our third season is a revealing look at dancer Bobbi Jene Smith, an Iowa native out to experience the world. Vulnerable, erotic and intensely personal, ths film is an appreciation for a woman risking it all.


2017 / USA / Jack C. Newell

The third selection of our third season is a fitting pairing for our series on wine and truth. 42 Grams is sensory-indulging culinary cinema. The film combines a vérité main course portrait of a headstrong restauranteur with palate-cleansing sides of mouth-watering victual vignettes.


2017 / USA / Jeremy S. Levine +

The second selection of our third season is a deeply intimate portrait of Daje Shelton, a 17-year-old girl growing up too fast in North St Louis where she must overcome the challenges facing Black teens in America with grit and perseverance.


2017 / USA + / Viktor Jakovleski

The first selection of our third season is a transcendent experience of light and sound. Viktor Jakovleski’s debut doc comes to Iowa City the same week it premieres in New York and Los Angeles. Get ready for 67 minutes of cinematic pyrotechnics.